About Me

Tadesse Tsegaselassie

I am a Software Engineer with expertise in building enterprise applications for desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Currently in with Meteor.js!

My Career

International Livestock Research Institute

Currently working on integration of the different web platforms of the institute and data visualization.

Dec. 2015
Web Systems Specialist


Built enterprise web applications, mainly focusing on automating back office services.

May 2008
Software Engineer / Technical Manager

ABBA Travel

A one man IT department; developed the company’s website, setup and managed the agencies Local Area Network.

May 2006
IT Specialist

My Skills







My Projects

CGSpace Tweets

A tool to mass-tweet CGSpace entries to twitter, also providing the status of each entry as being tweeted or not.

Domestic Animal Genetic Resources Information System (DAGRIS)

An information system designed to facilitate the compilation, organization and dissemination of information on the origin, distribution, diversity, present use and status of indigenous farm animal genetic resources.

Meteor Date-Time Picker

A Bootstrap 3 DateTime picker widget packaged for use with Meteor.js


A survey data collection and analysis tool, made with Meteor!